Efforce is a new venture from Apple Co-Founder Wozniak. It is going to transform the green energy sector. Above all, it is Wozniak’s second venture after the famous Apple. He along with Steve Jobs had launched Apple in 1976. Efforce is planning to use Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency. In addition, the technologies would make the funding process cheaper and simpler for energy companies.

According to the media reports, Efforce will be shortly on Bithumb Global. Bithumb is also an exchange for decentralized currencies.

Key Features of Efforce

· It is the world’s first blockchain-backed energy-saving company.

· It is also the first company that permits contributors to take advantage of the project.

· Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology would result in fast processing. The security level is very high. This makes the process for funding for ‘green’ projects quicker, cheaper, and simpler.

· It is the first platform in the world for such an operation.

· Everybody from everywhere can take part and gain.

· The venture would contribute to the field of environment and climate change.

· The venture is foreseeing a market for energy-efficiency projects worth $250 billion.

· It has created its own and unique Cryptocurrency token named “WORX”. The token name is an influence from the name of the owner of the company Mr. Wozniak.

· The total WOZX tokens amount is 1,00 million

· The emission rate is zero. No creation of fresh Tokens will ever happen.

How does it work?

Efforce uses blockchain technology that links the investors and the energy companies. Contributors can take part in energy efficiency projects. After that, they can take part in the acquisition of future savings tokens.

Companies gain from free energy efficiency enhancement. The outcome is savings that are there on the blockchain

in real-time. Blockchain’s Smart contracts make transactions seamless. There is no involvement of any third-party in transactions. The crypto-token issued by Efforce is WOZX.

More about Efforce

WOZX token was used in financial transactions of energy-efficiency projects. For this, the energy service companies have to list them on their platform. Efforce finds out the achievement of energy savings through energy projects. The company returns the saved energy to the investors. The gained energy is like an energy credit. One can use it later.

Efforce makes it easy for businesses to register their projects related to energy on the web. After that, they can attract investors from around the world. The initiative will benefit the companies.

In conclusion, the initiative is a great step towards energy efficiency. It will have much positive effect on the environment. It would promote energy efficiency. In addition, there will be more investment in this “green” energy sector. The sector may get a boost.

Efforce is Wozniak’s second company of life after 44 years of the formation of Apple Inc. Wozniak’s brainchild is going to create a transformation in the ‘green’ energy sector. Its model encourages energy savings. It is also very timely and relevant.




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