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One of the wealthiest folks in the United States, Ricardo Salinas, is now bullish on BTC crypto. Salinas believes that BTC is an option that is feasible and working successfully.

Special Alternative

The Bitcoin currency is a special alternative to the traditional medium of exchanges. Including money controlled by regulatory governments. This aspect has triggered Ricardo to cause his banking

As you may have known, Bitcoin operates on a networking consensus. This further enables newly generated payments to complete the virtual money ecosystem.

Pretty Cash System for the Internet

Among all other digital currencies in the crypto space, Bitcoin is the firstborn of all. Hence,

becoming a more decentralized P2P transaction network, it has active clients worldwide. From the client’s angle of view, BTC is a prettier cash-like system for internet enthusiasts. Despite the critical founder going anonymous since 2010. The BTC community and forums have experienced growth. Users and countless developers have witnessed daily improvement in the BTC infrastructures. Nakamoto, the chief inventor of Bitcoin…

Goldman Sachs, a financial institution, gave an acknowledgment of BTC’s potential. The submission was to an investment monitor in the crypto industry. This shows that Bitcoin is here to stay despite people’s reactions in the community.

Nipping Behind Heels of Financial Giants

As a brand-new asset as per the individual’s statements in a revealed report. Some members stated

The digital currency fad embarked on the financial change altogether. Due to which other popular virtual coins continued to tumble. However, Bitcoin (BTC) may prove to be one of the most coins with high volatility. Looking back a bit, BTC was down by 12 % last Sunday. This is 50 % off from all-time

When it comes to digital coins mainly crypto, safety is the biggest concern. The main reason for this is hackers and fishing websites everywhere. Due to which people are now inclined to use hardware wallets and store their holdings. Hardware wallets are devices embedded with private keys. You can use this to keep their crypto assets.

These devices are safer than phone wallets as they are not directly synced with the internet. So, in this article, we make a list of hardware wallets. Below are the 5 best hardware wallets which you can use to store your holdings.


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April 16, 2021

Sayan Mitra

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Crypto scams were always popular, even in the last bull cycle, which happened in 2017. But have you ever heard of a crypto scam that of billions in value? It’s impossible to hear because there are none. Recently the government of Manchester claims to spot a fraudster named Benjamin Reynolds.

He is currently residing in the UK, accused of a billion-dollar scam. Where he allegedly lured customers and collected around 20,000 bitcoins in total. And this total to approximately $1.2 Billion as per current rates. …

Bitcoin is unconditionally rallying up to reaching its new ATH. But, amidst this bull run, HSBC refrained its customers from investing due to high risks. They blocked them from buying an asset of Micro Strategy due to their heavy BTC holdings. The bank is directly saying its customers that they will not risk more into investing in such stocks. We are constantly seeing MicroStrategy making headlines again and again in recent weeks.

HSBC has no more appetite for risks.

In a statement dated March 29ththat floated on a social media handle. The bank sent out alerts to the customers of their InvestDirect product. …

There are rumors about the implementation of a new rule for Crypto users in Thailand. As bitcoin rallied its way to $40K, then to $50K Thailand has seen massive growth in Crypto investors. Sources say, most of these investors are partially young with limited crypto knowledge. After noticing this unusual

On Sunday, Stripe revealed Mark Carney’s inclusion in the directors group. Mr. Mark Carney used to be Bank of England and Canada’s governor. He played a vital role in pivoting the role of digital currency at both banks.

After officially joining Stripe, let’s see how things work. Mr. Mark has an extensive career of

The year 2021 has to be the most bullish year history has ever seen in the crypto markets. Who would have guessed this about bitcoin that initiated as an experiment one decade ago? Eventually pioneering a global revolution in


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